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We love what we do, and we are very committed and enthusiastic about every project, big or small.


We work every day to fulfill the vision that meaningful branding and marketing should be affordable, powerful tools, that work as ambassadors of the business.


Every project we deliver at Paz Interactive goes through our proven and ‘quick to customer’ design process. Our customers benefit from a variety of branding, web design and digital marketing services, utilizing our in-house capabilities, and our established network of freelancers. You are welcome to contact us and find out how we can work together.


CEO & Founder
IMG_1308 2.JPG

The agency was founded by Meirav Rosenberg- Paz, in 2011, hence the name Paz Interactive (Rosenberg-paz-interactive wasn’t as catchy…).


Meirav's experience in marketing, digital marketing, and design, combined with a huge passion for lifestyle, fashion and real estate entrepreneurship, drove her to establish an agency that would service these market sectors in a unique way.


Some of the capabilities She brings to Paz Interactive projects include a practical way of thinking combined with a very precise aesthetic eye, expert level Facebook marketing, Instagram and Pinterest, smart lead generation and amazing WIX based web design.

Meirav holds a BA in business management.



Senior Editor
Executive Assistant

With a background in multimedia journalism and digital advertising, Tal is a results-driven editor who uses a variety of editorial and content marketing practices to create copy and social media strategies that bring out the value in your business in a human way.  


She has experience with lifestyle brands, CPG brands, and start-up publishers. 


Talk to her about social media, editorial, copywriting and influencer strategies.


Art Director
Executive Assistant

Dana is a talented graphic designer, specializing in branding and 360 web design.


She creates beautiful and inspiring logos and a variety of branding modules and campaign elements.


Dana graduated from HIT – Holon Institute of Technology.

Executive Assistant

Alex is our social media marketing maestro. 

He is the one to ensure that your marketing efforts and your campaigns continuously perform to deliver results. 

After finishing his BA in economics and MBA in Business Management he thrives to make the R bigger than the I on your ROI (Return on Investment).

Facebook Marketing Manager


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