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3 Things You Need to Personalize About Your Brand Right Now

When creating a business or rebranding an existing one, there are factors to consider in order to make your company stand out. Personalizing your brand is almost as important for drawing in sales as having a product/ service to sell.

There are three definite things you need to personalize about your brand right now - if you haven’t already.

Social Media

social media branding

Does your company have an Instagram and Facebook, maybe even Pinterest, but feel that they could be aiding in your sales more efficiently?

They could!

When people visit a company’s social account, they are not only looking for a product/ service, but they are also seeking a community to join when they purchase from you. A social account without a clear personalization won’t draw people in, and therefore is obsolete for your brand.

The first step in personalizing your brand is heading over to your social accounts and reevaluating their overall appearance – because after all, that is the first thing people see when researching a brand. Rebranding your social media can be overwhelming, and most people don’t know where to begin/ don’t have the resources. Paz Interactive offers branding packages, as well as monthly social media management services to take the hassle of maintaining a social media account while running a business off your plate.

Brand Voice

People like familiarity. The copy on your social media, website and anywhere else a person may find your content, needs to have a consistent voice. If you had a friend who one day began speaking to you with a monotone, unexcited and starch voice, you would think something was up.

It’s the same for brands.

brand personalization

When people begin to read your content, they start to have a sense of who your brand is. If your brand’s voice is constantly changing or sounds unexcited about the product/services you provide, why would a customer stick around?

Paz Interactive can build your voice by implementing a distinct personality to the content of your website and social media. We find your target audience and mold your written content into a voice they would listen to. Without a personalized voice, your customers won’t feel as if they are building a relationship with your brand, because they won’t feel like they know you. A brand voice is essential in the process of personalizing your brand.

Build Relationships

When it comes to businesses, the old saying “the customer is always right” is true! Without customers, you wouldn’t have a business. That’s why it’s so important to begin understanding the people buying your products/ services and catering to their needs. Staying on top of customer emails, direct messages and customer inquiries of any kind with a helpful and understanding approach is a crucial step in the personalization of your brand. Staying present when a customer needs help boosts reviews, gives your brand a great reputation and ensures customer loyalty.

Paz Interactive

Personalizing a brand not only adds an overall aesthetic to pull your brand together, but it also adds credibility to your company - showing potential clients/customers that you take your brand seriously. It builds an appearance of trustworthiness, encourages brand loyalty, and sets your brand apart from competitors. This kind of authenticity is a sure way to attract new customers, and help your business grow to its fullest potential.

For help with personalizing your brand contact us.

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