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Brand Awareness vs. Lead Generation

The first step to building your brand and generating leads is utilizing the brand awareness process. Brand awareness’ purpose is to target strangers and draw them in as potential website visitors. Brand awareness plays off the emotions of the general market.; the more familiar the public is with your brand, the more traction your website will have.

brand awareness

Brand awareness differentiates your company from competitors, and consumers are notoriously known for choosing a brand they are familiar with when it's time for a purchase.

A great example of this is Progressive and their cute and endearing character, Flow. The brand created multiple commercials with her spunky personality and the general public can know recall her face, as well as what brand she represents. Progressive brought familiarity and awareness to their campaign, and now are one of the leading insurance companies in the industry – but their company did not find success from a few commercial campaigns.

lead generation

In a quick Google search, you can find that lead generation “is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business.” What does this mean, exactly? Lead generation utilizes people who have already showed interest in your brand and attempts to turn them into leads.

The lead generation process comes after your brand awareness campaign. It prepares strangers and potential leads into buying your product/service after you have introduced your brand to them in subtle and comfortable messaging. This is not a method of annoying consumers through cold-calls and email blasts. Through blog posts and social media, you are targeting their specific interests and guiding them to your company’s landing page – which is why your landing page is incredibly important. This is where you finalize the process with a call to action, asking them for minimal information that will be useful to you in generating visitors into potential customers, such as an email address, phone number and name.

brand awareness vs. lead generation

Marketing is consumed by many steps, and people commonly mistake brand awareness and lead generation as the same thing, yet they are totally different. Before you begin your next campaign, try out these methods and watch the leads roll in.

If you're interesting in running a lead generation campaign or brand awareness campaign, contact us.

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