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Content Marketing: Why you shouldn’t ignore it

Content marketing is all around us. It’s a tactic utilized by brands large and small, with products and services that greatly vary. Why have so many kinds of brands since the beginning of marketing utilize content marketing? Because it works.

Content marketing is not a traditional form of marketing. It does not advertise a brand’s product or service. To content market effectively, a brand needs to study their audience closely; understand what their audience wants to hear, learn and see. Content marketing is the act of giving customers information that is valuable and relevant to them. They will, in turn, become loyal customers.

content marketing

For example, an insurance company may provide weekly newsletters with tips on avoiding issues that can lead to health, property or business risks. These newsletters do not advertise their policies, but give free information that their audience would be interested in and use. Readers will in turn use that company when it’s time for them to get a policy - or they stay loyal to that company for years to come. This is because the brand proved their credibility and their genuine care for their customers.

Content marketing sets a brand apart from the rest because it allows the opportunity to tell their story. Sure, your business may sell something that hundreds of other businesses sell, but your audience and your brand is unique, and you have something to give them that other businesses do not.

In order to effectively take on a content marketing campaign, you must completely understand your audience’s wants. Find out what sparks their interest, what are they confused about, what would help them in terms of your industry. Decide what platform they would enjoy more: a webinar, articles, blogs, e-books, videos or maybe something entirely different. From there you can build a successful content marketing strategy.

free calendar download
Paz Interactive utilized content marketing in 2018 with a free download of our calendar. The 2019 design coming soon.

Once your plan is in motion, make sure your audience can subscribe for more or become a part of your mailing list. From here, you have a growing loyal customer base.

Content marketing exposes the heart of a brand; who they are, why they are important, and how they help others in one way or another. Why not share yours?

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