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Gaining Pinterest Followers

With Pinterest growing in ranks among the most popular social media apps on the current market, many users are searching for ways to increase their exposure and gain more followers. Pinterest is beautifully unique in the sense that more followers do not necessarily equate to more success on the app. Designed like the Instagram explore page, Pinterest forces various posts from profiles you don’t follow. Therefore, the number of visitors to your page and your individual post exposures is more important than the number of followers your profile has.

pinterest followers

When designing your own posts, it is critical to use keywords and hashtags to boost your exposure. Users searching on the app for various products or images will most likely come across yours if it is tagged with common keywords. Without keywords and hashtags your posts will only show up on the feed of those who follow you. Don’t be afraid to make your hashtags very specific as well. Pinterest users use the app as if it’s a search engine, therefore type long sentences with specific keywords into the search bar.

Another aspect to work on when creating posts is to post your own original photos. People are constantly searching for new and unique content to inspire them. Don’t be afraid to create something totally new. Original photos do much better than reposts.

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It is so important to stay active on the app. Pinning, commenting and tagging frequently will boost your page’s exposure. How often, you ask? Depending on how much you want your Pinterest page to grow, you should be active on the app daily, and throughout the day. Pinterest has a handy scheduling tool so you can book your pins ahead of time and sit back while they automatically go live. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have an automated liking, re-pinning or tagging tool – that’s on you.

Make sure your Pinterest is linked to your other social media accounts and be sure to add the Pinterest follow button onto your website in order to draw in visitors from outside sources, not just the app.

Promoting pins is not a necessity, but it certainly helps a Pinterest page’s growth when done right. Look at your original pins that have high metrics. Choosing an existing post with high insights will save you the trouble of testing out different posts to promote. You know what worked best, so why not take that post to the next level. Make sure the post has relevant hashtags and keywords, as well as directs users back to your profile or website.

pinterest followers

Pinterest is the fifth most popular app in the U.S. with 67 million monthly users. Millennials use it as much as they use Instagram, and the numbers among the general public are steadily growing. Its rise in the world of social media has only just begun, and you should take advantage of its early stages of stardom.

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