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Helpful tips to improve your content

It’s no simple feat to create quality, engaging content for your brand's online presence. There are numerous factors that go into successful digital marketing, and overall digital attendance. These factors draw an audience, drive sales and make campaigns worthy.

improving content


Your customers are what makes your business. If you don’t pay attention to your audience’s wants and needs, you won’t have a successful company. Hopefully you know what your audience interests are, and you have already researched the demographic you’re selling to. In this case, use their hobbies, language and stories to create your company’s content. Write and post using the perspective of your classic customer archetype and what that personality would look like. Use case studies and customer stories/ testimonials in your social media and on your website. Visitors to your page/ site may not trust your brand yet, but they’ll trust your customers.

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Make your content entertaining. You won’t have any traffic to your site or social media profiles if your posts are bland. People want to get something out of the profiles they follow, and it’s your job to make your profile something they want to look at. Social media is also a great place to address customer issues publicly with solutions, of course. This increases your brand’s authenticity and improves its reputation.


The struggle of finding the perfect title to any kind of content is a tale as old as time. Titles have the unfortunate effect of making or breaking your work. If your title lacks the features that draw in readers/ viewers, your content will fail.

As we all know, titles should contain the most relevant parts of the five “W’s” (who, what, when, where, why). Knowing this information, the first and most important aspect of a title is highlighting the “why” – why the content is valuable to the reader. If the title addresses why your audience should be viewing the content, it will be successful.

Using power words will boost the quality of your title. Power words consist of a eye-catching and affirmative words that have been proven to increase CTR (Click Through Rate). Some examples of great power words are:

· Absolutely

· Breakthrough

· Exclusive

· Guaranteed

· Innovative

· Spotlight

· Unlock

Try one of these out in your next headline and see the views roll in. Its important to note that asking questions that can be answered with a “no” in your title won’t increase views and may lower them. Crafting a great title is tricky, but with the right words, your content will soar.

Visual Content

Visual content – especially in 2019 – is a must-have within your site and profiles. Research consistently shows that visuals increase CTR. Adding graphics not only increases clicks, but they also increase the time visitors spend on your site and in turn increase traffic. Like previously stated, understanding your audience plays a huge role when choosing your content, in this case your graphics. Use relevant, trendy and personalized visuals that your audience can relate to, such as memes, workplaces pictures, etc. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old content and update it with SEO and added visuals to make it more modern and relevant.

website visuals

There is much to consider when drafting content with the hope that it will be high quality and engaging. If you feel lost and in need of a helping hand, contact us.

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