How to grow a start-up: with CEO Avishai Abrahami

‘Hire people more intelligent than you’ and other words of wisdom given to us by the world-leading website building company co-founder.

‘It was hard to build a great website back in 2008. We just couldn’t find the best product or website that we loved, one that was easy to use but complex enough for businesses to run from them – so we built our own version called Wix.’

Skip forward to today and the Tel Aviv company hosts over 100 million+ sites, with 2 million new users added each month.

At Paz, we're Wix Experts and we use the Wix platform for website building for a lot of our clients. We go to Wix conventions and meet ups and love learning directly from the best.

We were lucky to sit down and talk with co-founder and CEO, Avishai Abrahami at the Miami Wix Expert convention this week and get some digital business advice from the expert himself (seriously, Google his backstory).

Here’s what we learnt: