Marketing in the U.S.: How to know if it’s worth it for your brand

Expanding a brand is always a good idea, and it comes naturally as the next step for any succeeding company. Marketing outside your country is sure to have its challenges, but marketing in the U.S. is an entirely different beast.

Before you jump into the American endeavor, decipher if such a large leap is worth it for your brand at this moment, because if its not, you could lose money, time and sanity.

It doesn’t matter what your brand is; cosmetics, marketing, food, etc., or how large the company is. There are many changes that come along with marketing towards American consumers. You need to figure out if the struggles are logical to take on during your brand’s current status.

So what status is fit to market in the U.S.? It’s all about intuition. There’s no manual or rule book for when a brand is ready for a large expansion, but you most likely will know.


Don’t overlook one of the most important parts of expansion – accurate projections. Your company needs to have a substantial amount of savings and finances coming in at a consistent rate. Marketing to the U.S. is expensive and there are nasty, hidden and inevitable fees that pop up unexpectedly while running a business in the States, therefore you must be prepared, and your brand must be financially equipped to handle these obstacles.