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Our top picks for upcoming networking events

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

With the changing season comes new and exciting events in the marketing industry. Each networking event and marketing summit is unique and provides valuable information to attendees – we wish we could attend them all! We’ve come up with our top picks for upcoming networking events in the U.S. that you won’t want to miss.

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Growth Marketing Conference

From California, to New York, we’ve rated the best networking events that are worth attending. The first, Growth Marketing Conference. Tickets to this conference are the equivalent to a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The largest names in the business world will be present, including brands IBM, Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Silicon Valley’s Unicorns – Pinterest, Lyft, Slack Postmates and Shopify—will be in attendance as well. Learn insider strategies and tactics to grow your business at this industry leading event in San Francisco, CA on December 10-11, 2019.

Social Media Strategies Summit

The Social Media Strategies Summit is the top pick by senior-level marketing professionals. Attendees have the chance to partake in sessions, case studies and intensive workshops to learn to grow their social media the right way. Join in discussions on social media strategy development, content marketing, video marketing – even employee advocacy and influencer marketing. This is an event anyone struggling to grow their online presence needs. It will take place in New York, NY from October 15 to 17, 2019.

Social Media Marketing World 2020

Social Media Marketing World 2020. This extensive networking event is hosted by the Social Media Examiner and will have guest appearances by the biggest names and brands in social media. Attendees will receive tips and strategies on boosting their online exposure and gaining revenue with their social media marketing campaigns. Social Media Marketing World 2020 is taking place in San Diego, CA on March 1-3, 2020.

The Brand Marketing and Digital Summit

Another Fall marketing summit is being held this season in New York - The Brand Marketing and Digital Summit. As the one and only CMO-led event for performance, brand, digital and content marketing professionals. This is no amateur summit and the top marketing leaders in the U.S. will be attending as speakers: Pepsico, At&T, Conde Nast and Estee Lauder, just to name a few. They will be discussing marketing as it is in today’s world and they will share strategies for marketing in 2020. Over 500 marketers will be in attendance to discuss all forms of digital marketing. Don’t miss it this October 21-22 in NYC.

The Open Mobile and Digital Experience Summit

Discuss digital trends at this year’s Open Mobile and Digital Experience Summit this Fall. With over 400 digital, product and marketing representatives from U.S. brands, experience a new kind of summit. Learn to market to achieve brand growth, retain exposure and monetize. The summit will give attendees the opportunity to create their own website or app strategy with a personalized customer experience for their brand’s target audience. Summit speakers will also be discussing the hottest trends in the digital world at the moment, such as virtual assistants, chatbots, virtual voice, 5G, AI, AR and VR. This event will surely teach attendees how to add value to their customers interactions with their brands through personalizing digital features. The Open Mobile and Digital Experience Summit will be on November 7-8 in San Francisco, CA

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Each season so many new networking events and marketing summits pop up – to be able to choose which ones to attend can be overwhelming. Our top picks are the events we feel are focused on Paz Interactive’s goals. Are yours the same as ours?

To educate yourself on the trends of digital marketing in 2019 before registering for one of the above events, read our blogs Why AI isn’t as scary as you think, Visual Search: Why it’s so important and 3 Things you need to personalize about your brand right now.

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