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Just one unique point of view - can change an entire marketing scheme.

Just one unique point of view can take a trampling business and turn it into one that shines brightly.

It’s the secret that makes one kind of photo make you feel calm and sleepy, and a photograph shot with a different perspective makes you perky with curiosity and enthusiasm.

The text I write about something would be deeply different from something the next person would write.

I have many different perspectives. I believe the marketing world, and particularly the digital marketing world, needs to be all about trial and error, and touching many different points of view and respectively many different people. Just look around you and you’ll find them.

One of the things that excite me most in my work is exactly that quest to find what would be the best way to tell the story of your product or service and communicate it to others.

Photographer Tammy Sgan-Cohen is one of those photographers who made me fall in love with her point of view.

This is a great opportunity to thank her for a photoshoot day that was not only professional and productive but also really fun!

I’m so grateful for her colorfulness, the colors she brings with her and the crazy colors that burst to life when we work together.

Personally, I’ll appreciate to be viewed as both calm and relaxing, and creative, professional and intriguing (hope it isn’t too much!) - because if this is the way you think of me, you’ll be confident in my ability to create and inspire those feelings!

Thanks to-

The incredible Anna Shohat Shechter at “Anna Shohat hair & makeup artist” for the gorgeous boho-chic hair and makeup.

Gal Gaon Gallery & Talents Design Studios for the beautiful location - a stunning gallery on Nachmani street, Tel Aviv

Portrait photos for my new blog #lifeandbusiness for Paz Interactive: - check it out!

On the blog, you’ll get a behind the scenes glimpse into my point of view, my world, and of course - content that every business needs to know about digital marketing.

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