Top 7 things to consider when building your new e-Commerce site

Your business is ready to make it big in the online world. Well, OK. At the very least it’s ready to make a first good impression, and take off from there. Now what? What do you need to know in order to build a successful e-Commerce site?

We’ve put together a short list of tips to help you get started, and find out what you need to ask yourself before starting the process:

  1. What’s in a name? A catchy name for your new business, if you don’t already have one, can make a huge difference. It needs to be memorable and easy to spell. A good name helps your target audience find and get to your online properties; your website, Facebook page and more. Once you’re settled on a name, the first thing to check is that you can purchase the appropriate domain.

  2. Open for business! When reviewing the options for your new site’s infrastructure, consider future expansion and additional capabilities you’d like to add as you go along. Open source code, such as Wordpress, can make your life easier down the line, yet, a more intuitive and friendly platform such as Wix, can help you launch faster. Either way, know what your options are.

  3. What meets the eye This is true for any site, and speci