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Creativity is a Night Owl…

I love designing websites, but I especially love designing at night. It’s quiet, the kids are tucked in bed - which means I’m not (right this moment) forgetting to pick them up from school, they’ve either gone to friends, had friends over, gone to a birthday party - for which I already remembered to get gifts for the correct number of kids, they’ve all eaten (not just candies), bathed, I already hugged them, kissed them (even if I was a tiny bit angry), tucked them in for the night knowing that they’re loved and ready for a dreamy night.

After spending a good chunk of the day scouring through Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook - curating inspiration for my current project - it’s finally time to get my design cap on!

It’s not rare for my clients to get their designed projects first thing in the morning, and for me to patiently and (more accurately) curiously wait to hear what they thought of the website design…

One of my most favorite responses was from Chicco - a charming client who’s never stingy with the compliments, his response to his freshly designed website put me in a great mood!

Such a great mood that I’m a little sad the project is wrapped up - can’t wait to work with him again…

With a thriving business like his, I’m sure there will be many opportunities.

Check out Chicco’s websites (designed by Paz Interactive - all-in-one branding, design and marketing agency, of course) >> and

And enjoy some photos from the branding package we put together for him.

And if you need a website, a logo, or anything else we can help you with designing or branding - don’t hesitate. We’d love to hear from you here:

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