Visual Search: Why it's so important

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Move over voice search, visual search is the new big thing.

What exactly is visual search? You probably have already used it, but if not, you will very soon. Visual search allows web surfers to replace words in their searches with images. Websites and apps can now show a list of images related to the one inserted by a user. The future is here.

Visual Search

These programs utilize artificial intelligence to its best current ability. AI will see an image and comprehend the context of the picture dropped into the search in order to come up with related results. No words needed. Computers are now intelligent enough to piece together the content of an image - not just the coding - and decipher what other images are closely related to it. Search an image of a specific brand name water bottle, and your results will be flooded with the same or similar water bottles.

visual search